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An important aim of the USINE project was to support the regional pre-incubation activities of the three partners at Bielefeld, Valencia and Paris by appropriate tools, specifically designed for the target group of prospective entrepreneurs who need to gather market experience and entrepreneurial know-how before they set up their own, technology-based companies. 


MENTOR Software tool

A software tool for the preparation of enterprise development plans - MENTOR - has been developed by the partner Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (in English language), specifically designed for academic researchers who miss essential knowledge on business creation and demands of financial partners. 

The aim of the present software tool is to provide the possibility to design a business plan to anybody, experienced or not, if only he has a business idea and a computer at hand. It will guide the user through the entire process of thinking and acting as an entrepreneur. At the same time it represents an expert system that provides the experienced entrepreneur with the structural knowledge required to write a business plan. The software will guide the user through seven steps: 

  1. General description of the business idea
  2. Product / Service plan
  3. Marketing plan
  4. Production plan
  5. Personnel plan
  6. Economic / financial plan
  7. Simulation of feasibility

The experiences gained with the tool at Valencia reveal the feasibility and usefulness of the tool as well as its valuable contribution to business creation.
For further information on the MENTOR Software tool please contact at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Mr. José-Luis Alonso-González


USINE Strategic Network

Link to the USINE Strategic
As a second tool, the Internet-based USINE Strategic Network has been created by the Israeli partner Dimotech Ltd. to facilitate networking activities of the prospective entrepreneurs on an international level, with the aim of creating strategic partnerships with industry, research institutions and financial partners. This tool is expected to help entrepreneurs with a technology-based business idea to set up a global network of partners. Such a network is essential for the internationalisation of the innovative enterprise, once it has been set up. 

The Internet tool has been developed with the aim to overcome the gaps between academic entrepreneurs and the business world in terms of knowledge, market barriers, strategic contacts and proper environment. The USINE Strategic Network tool distinguishes from existing databases by the fact that it contains only relevant partners seeking cooperation in clearly defined and determined fields. It can be characterised as a Research Management, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation system. 

During the development of the tool more than 20,000 international strategic partners were screened. Approx. 1,000 partners were entered into the database. The web-based tool includes statistical tools to evaluate the rate of introduction and use. Introduction of information into the Network is supervised and manually controlled, thus assuring proper quality and specificity of the data. 

For further information on the USINE Strategic Network please contact at Dimotech Ltd. Mr. Alex Gordon